Sacramento Zoo

In the middle of July we took a break for a couple of days and went down the hill to Sacramento. Kind of a mistake to do that in the middle of July, when the city is at its hottest and most humid. But sometimes a change is good, even if it’s a change for the worse.

Our first day there we went to the Sacramento Zoo, always a favorite place for us and the Boyz.

More pictures can be found at Flickr.


3 Comments on “Sacramento Zoo

  1. Great blog post with fabulous pictures. We shared your post with our followers on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for visiting the Zoo!

  2. Lovely pictures! I was very curious as to what type of camera you use, it has wonderful quality!

  3. These were taken with a Canon 50D. For some photos I used the 28-135 kit lens, but for most of the closeups I used a 70-300 telephoto.

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