Urban Wildlife

Sometimes when I’m at work I’ll come out of the door and run face-to-face into a herd of deer. The deer like to hang out in Carson City because there are a lot of green backyards with plenty of flowers and berries. The hills right outside of town are still recovering from a major fire six years ago, and foraging up there can be hard. So the herds come down to town and hang out. You see them in a lot of yards around town, but our yard seems to be a favorite. They come visit at least two or three times a month.

This time when I saw them I slowly backed up and grabbed my camera with a 75-300 lens. Usually they tolerate people pretty well. They spook and run if you get too close but if you keep your distance they’ll only be slightly annoyed. Most of the time it’s a dance where they slowly retreat from me, hopping fences and crossing streets as I chase them around the neighborhood. This time they didn’t go anywhere and I was able to get some good close shots.

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