Apple Hill, Part 1

A few weeks ago we went over the mountains to Apple Hill in California. We went with a whole group of friends and spent the day visiting the farms, going in a corn maze, making homemade candles, seeing the animals, and of course picking apples.

One of our first stops was at Bavarian Hills Orchards for lunch. There were no orchards that I could see, unless they were tucked away on the other side of the hill. What we did see was a Bavarian chalet where they served disappointing German food, surrounded by craft booths. The kids wanted to make homemade candles, so we let them all pick out a jar and fill it with wax beads. We got a lot of colorful candles!

Hans and Greta

Making candles.

After lunch we headed down the street to one of the actual orchards to pick some apples. We told the kids to go have fun, which might have been the wrong message to send, because just our family alone ended up with 25 pounds!

All the kids had a great time, though.

Just too much for one post! Next we went to another farm, where they had a corn maze and farm animals. Click here to see more photos.

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