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Nevada Legislature Rally for Education, Part 2

Yesterday I posted a whole bunch of pictures from Monday’s education rally at the Legislature. Here are a bunch more. And if this isn’t enough for you, I have a plenty more posted over at Flickr too.

Nevada Legislature Rally for Education, Part 1

On Monday, March 21st 2011, there was a rally in front of the Nevada Legislature Building. A bunch of college students from all over the state gathered to protest the budget cuts to higher education that were being… Read More

Snow Around Carson

Winter finally paid a visit to Carson City. After six weeks of Spring time throughout January and February, Mother nature finally decided to wake up and dump some snow on us. And it was a good size dumping… Read More


The last time I wrote about pogonip, I got a correction that these ice crystals should more properly be considered a hoar frost, or rime frost. It is the fog itself that is pogonip, from the Shoshone phrase… Read More

Jack Self Portraits

Jack learns how to use the remote trigger.

Balloon Over Carson

Seeing a tethered hot air balloon is kind of sad, like seeing a cheetah in a cage. It just wants to run free!

Carson Valley Eagles

February is the time for eagles in the Carson Valley. I found these two along Genoa Lane. One was guarding the nest, and the other was patrolling the area.

Point and Shoot Testing

I bought a new point and shoot at work for the engineers to use when they do site inspections, a Canon PowerShot SD1400. Of course I can’t get my hands on a new camera without squeezing off a… Read More


Just more of Jack modeling for the camera.

Folsom Portraits

We visited friends in California last month, and I gathered everyone together for a few portraits. Had to get the dog too!


I’m really happy with the way these pictures turned out this morning. That’s Howdy the Senator, the icon of Cactus Jack’s in downtown Carson City, standing in front of the Laxalt Building.

Keirra Portraits

Last month I did a photo shoot with my niece Keirra. I think a lot of the shots came out really nice, and we put together calendars for the family to give as Christmas gifts.

Glow Party

Fun with glow sticks.

New Lights

I got a new lighting setup, with stands and umbrellas and everything, so the other night I played around with Sam a little, learning how the new lights work.


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