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Washoe Valley Deer

Around here the deer are usually scrounging for sagebrush and dry berries. These deer in the Washoe Valley hit the motherlode!

Tubing Adventure

On Sunday we loaded up our car with tubes and rafts and set off down the Truckee River with some friends. It’s a little late in the season, though, to be in the part of the river we… Read More

Kayaking Adventure

Solar Eclipse 2012

In May 2012 a solar eclipse hit Reno, Nevada. It was a total eclipse, but more than that it was an “annular” eclipse, meaning the moon was so small that it didn’t cover the sun completely and it… Read More

Wild Horses

I came across a group of wild horses down by the Carson River. I’m used to wild animals being skittish and bolting at the slightest noise, but these horses were cool with me slinking in and becoming part… Read More

2012 Spring Vacation. Day 2: Monterey Bay Aquarium (Part 2)

2012 Spring Vacation. Day 2: Monterey Bay Aquarium (Part 1)

2012 Spring Vacation. Day 1: Monterey

We just got back from another vacation! This time we spent a week in Seattle, with a stop of a couple of days in Monterey, CA first. These pictures are from the first day of our trip, when… Read More

St. Patrick’s Day

The New Phone Book Is Here! The New Phone Book Is Here!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been excited about a new phone book coming out. I pick up the phone book maybe three times a year, for those few rare things that it does more efficiently… Read More

On the Waters of Lake Tahoe

All these times we’ve been going to Lake Tahoe we’ve always had to be so careful with our cameras, making sure they stay on shore and don’t get near the water. But this year we actually have a… Read More

Disneyland, Day 1

This summer our big family trip was to spend two weeks at Disneyland. On a trip like this you take a lot of pictures, and then, as I’m finding out, when you get home it takes a long… Read More

Spring Portraits


These aren’t the best eagle photos around, but the only nest nearby is way far away from the road, and access to the land is restricted. So this is about the best I could do, even with a… Read More

Lake Tahoe

Just a few photos from a cold trip up to Lake Tahoe last month.